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COVID-19 Update 


As small businesses and schools across the nation continue to reopen, our WEBBY Dance Company instructors are prepared to conduct safe in-person classes. The safety and well-being of children participating in WEBBY is our number one priority. We are committed to take every measure to ensure that our teachers and staff are equipped to keep our students safe and healthy. Additionally, we are dedicated  to providing a quality, educational and fun experience, which is what preschool enrichment activities should always be. We’re thrilled to return to dancing in a responsible way, and we’d like to share the ways we’re doing that!

Our Corporate Team has thoroughly modified our in-class curriculum and operating procedures to best implement the guidelines and safe practices endorsed by our public health officials and local authorities.

We’ve also created safety measures, specific to our WEBBY Dance Company classes, that all instructors are required to adhere to when returning to in-person classes. We want to assure you that WEBBY Dance Company has your families, our schools' staff and our instructors health and safety as our top priority. 

Below are some key components and an overview of our commitment to the new normal.  

1.    Our instructors will not be passing out any individual hand held props. They will carry one bag that can be sanitized between visits.
2.    They will be required to wear face coverings upon entering and exiting the building. They will follow your face covering policy while instructing.
3.    They will sanitize and clean their hands upon entrance and exit of your facility.
4.    We will provide health screenings for our teachers.
5.    Our students can remain social distanced via bright colored markers/rings on the ground.
6.    We will limit the number of students per CDC guidelines.
7.    Classes will be held outdoors on the premises of the child care center or school. 

We are closely monitoring all communication from the CDC as well as local authorities, for safety updates and protocols. The past several months has been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. We are working on evolving to be able to serve your families in a new way. As we learn more, and if needed, we’ll adjust our operations accordingly. 

We miss you, your families, our schools, their staff and enriching the lives of each student.  WEBBY Dance Company® can’t wait to get back to doing what we love. 

Until then, stay healthy and safe. 

We are all in this together, 
Celina Lozano 

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